woensdag 20 april 2016

About a boy

I once tought I had fallen in love with beautiful brown eyes
that walked past me, and then followed me into the classroom

I always felt a little bit lost at University
and these eyes became my steady point, and eventually
the only reason I made it through my courses at all

Not once did I speak to the boy they belonged to
but his sheer existence was enough to have me hoping,
longing for something I thought was my future

My future would be made of the stitches of his backpack
and all the other things I could be sure of, like
the way his hair fell over his forehead when he was taking notes

the way he glanced over his shoulder when someone entered the room

All my writing was about him, all my dreams
I built him up with my words and he became everything I needed
to survive

I forgot him when I found myself
and my future became something real

But yesterday, I saw him again and then myself in the reflection of his eyes
Will I always feel this way .. So empty, so estranged

He walked past me again, but this time he didn't follow me
and it didn't matter
because our paths crossing had never meant more than just that

We were just two people in the same classroom
one confused, lonely dreamer
and the other, her unintended everything for a little while

vrijdag 1 april 2016

Le petit jour

The reason I write is to find a way to describe that moment right before the day begins, le petit jour. When the sun slowly rises above the buildings on the other side of the street, waking up the birds and already some of us. I always hope it's me, too. That I wake to see the magical curtain of light sliding into the room, the quiet promiss of a good day. Because when I do, I realize again how beautiful the world is. How everything works and flies and evolves, rises and falls. It's humbling, overwhelming and above all inspiring. It makes me feel such a special sort of happiness, and it's what I want my writing to resonate.

This blog will be about all the words I find along the way.

Thank you for finding me here. It was time for a change. It's spring, you know?